Casafari: property metasearch technology

Casafari is a company that sells a personalized searching software that allows the user to check which properties were listed in different real estate internet portals and, therefore, compare those properties regarding the price, as well as check which real estate agencies are working with each property. We decided to evaluate the software and write this article with relevant information about it and about the website, as well as reasons why we recommend the software.


The website has a blog with articles of which themes are related to real estate investment in the most looked for regions of Portugal and Spain. However, the most interesting free and relevant content that the website offers is a guide of each cities’ area that includes facts such as location; a chart with average prices of properties for sale per square meter; a chart with properties’ price changes, and other facts.

This guide also includes other complementary information, such as standard of living that the area offers to its residents, local security level and leisure activities.

Regarding Lisbon District, the website also has extra information including average daily temperatures and average sea temperature in each year’s season. This kind of information is very interesting for the growing number of foreigners that wish to live and/ or invest in properties located in Portugal.


Regarding the software that the company provides to real estate professionals, we evaluated its quality and reliability. The real estate consultant has access to an interesting searching tool to look for more information about available properties in many Portuguese real estate platforms, such as Casa Sapo or Idealista.

The realtor has the option to select one or more areas of Lisbon when he begins his research, and also restrict it by indicating the minimum and maximum prices of the properties. There are also extra options to make the research even more restrict, depending on the realtor’s interest; he can, for example, select how many bedrooms and bathrooms the properties should have, how many square meters of useful floors the property should have (minimum and maximum), and even restrict the search for properties which only one or more specific agencies are working with.

Additionally, the platform offers a search alert that shows the market changes in the last 30, 7 or 3 days, or even 24 hours. The realtor can pre-set those alerts according to his preferences, for instance selecting specific areas, type of property (apartment, house, duplex), or number of bedrooms.

However, even without defining specific alerts, the realtor can click on the “alerts” option in the upper right corner and the latest market changes will be available, for example in the city of Sintra, Lisbon metropolitan area, city of Oeiras. Finally, those changes include how many new properties for sale were published, how many suffered price increase or reduction, how many were deleted from the platforms or sold in a specific time frame.

The software worked really well during the two weeks that we tested it, and the information about properties was accurate and relevant. The only problem we had was that, during the research, we selected a certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms and specific size for the properties to be displayed, however these search criteria were not considered by the software. That happened a few times in the beginning, but after a few days we tried again, and the criteria were considered, so it was probably just a temporary system failure.

We recommend Casafari for any real estate professional, either beginners or with more experience. This tool helps the realtor find potential clients that want to sell their properties quickly but did it on their own account, because he can easily contact those owners and remind them about how important is to hire a real estate consultant to efficiently find buyers for the properties. The professional that does this kind of research without this tool wastes a lot of time that could be used for other tasks, such as creating a long-term marketing campaign, defining goals, contacting potential clients.

Lastly, this software is also interesting for people that want to invest in properties located in Portugal because it shows each price defined for the same property but in different internet portals and by different real estate agencies. Therefore, the investor can study the average price in each region of Lisbon for example, as well as check which areas have more significant increase and decrease of prices, and then take a better decision before investing.