Content marketing through email for realtors

The real estate agent usually promotes her services and properties available for sale through social media. Also, the real estate agencies are connected to sites destined to advertisement, so they can put their properties’ information for a high number of people that search for houses to buy or rent. As I highlighted in previous articles, those strategies are just the minimum nowadays and, therefore, don’t create a value to prospect new clients. Those clients already receive an absurd quantity of emails with advertisement every day. Hypothetically, what would you as a person that want to buy or sell a property would prefer to receive: direct and invasive marketing from a realtor that you never met, or have access to interesting content that will motivate you to seek more information about the real estate agency?

To guarantee that the number of prospective clients and leads for your agency grows in a sustainable manner the best solution is the content marketing because it creates value for them. The email is a very useful channel to bring this value to your niche, as long as you know how to use it. For this marketing campaign is effective, the emails should be directed to a group of people that previously authorized it by giving their contact and that will find that content relevant. Moreover, the emails should align the subject will the body text and bring an objective call-to-action, while adding some value to the prospective client.

How to use email marketing effectively

First, I would like to mention two clear advantages in using email to engage people interested in the content you can provide. The first one is that many people still perceive email as a serious channel and evaluate the kind of email they receive before marking as spam or deleting it. In social media, on the other hand, the user doesn’t even check what was displayed in his timeline or doesn’t remember it, considering the huge number of advertisement from other companies that are displayed simultaneously.

The second advantage is that you can easily evaluate the success rate of your email campaign by checking how many sent emails actually reached the recipients’ inbox, how many were opened by them and, lastly, how many people clicked on the call-to-action. If some emails are not even reaching the input boxes, it’s likely because the mail server is rejecting them. This can happen because the content is identified as inappropriate or as pure publicity, or because the server detected your email address as a sender that previously sent emails identified as inappropriate by the user. If this is the case, you can use a good paid software to identify the reason why the emails are being rejected and modify what is necessary, for instance the title. You should avoid titles that contain words as “special offer” or “promotion”, because this can be detected as improper by the server or even lead the user to lose his interest and delete it.

It is important to remember that, nowadays, many people use their mobile phones instead of computers or laptops to check their emails and research properties. The Portuguese company Imovirtual made a research and noticed that 43% of visits to the company’s website was through smartphones and tablets. Therefore, your email should be adopted for reading in smaller screens also.

Finally, each contact list should be carefully segmented, for example considering demographic data, including age group or income, or considering behavioral factors, including motivations to acquire the service such as price or quality. A marketing campaign is effective when each list receives appropriate content, depending on their buyer’s journey stage for example. A good tool to separate the lists according to basic data is a questionnaire. However, including an online consultant on your website that will be available to clarify some questions that the user might have or schedule visits to properties is a more powerful tool to get relevant information about the contacts and make more personalized lists.

Those facts are essential for you to guarantee a good marketing campaign, either for prospecting new clients that recently subscribed to your newsletter or for keeping a good relationship with current clients. It is important to have a quality software that contains minimum features, specially to evaluate the results of previous campaigns and therefore raise your success rate.