How to ensure your successful career in real estate with a few improvements

Realtor is one of the most common professions around the world. At least once in a lifetime every economically active person will buy, sell or rent an apartment, so there is always a market for this career. At the same time and because of that there is a very high competition with other agents or realtors.

Besides that, each country has different regulations to follow on this area and each one demands different basic requirements to practice the work. In some countries, it’s necessary not only to take a minimum number of specific course hours but also take exams to become a professional in real estate. Still every realtor must follow some basic good practice rules, like being honest with the clients, as in any work.

Because of all those facts I decided to share some interesting suggestions and ideas that I collected after a lot of research. The tips I will briefly describe now can surely help any realtor from any part of the world to succeed in his/her career.

Always keep up with marketing

In 2017 every company has to present at least a website that allows the customers not only to check products and availability, but also to communicate more efficiently with the company.

Although most real estate agencies have their own website and present their properties to sell or rent in multiple platforms, not all of them provide a user friendly experience. That’s precisely how you can differentiate from your competitors: by providing them a clear and easy to navigate website.

An effective real estate platform should follow some minimum criteria’s, such as:

  • Specific title for each page: the more clear and consistent the better.
  • Short videos and photos to represent precisely the properties. More than that, quality videos and photos. Sometimes it’s even worth hiring a professional photographer or team to do the work.
  • Useful and informative copy to make the users interested when opening new properties, not only quoting the characteristics of the property, but also providing extra information about the community where it’s located.
  • Extra utilities such as maps and information like demography, schools nearby, local services such as hospitals, bakeries, restaurants.
  • Attractive design. It doesn’t have to show many things at the same time. Keep it simple and beautiful.
  • Don’t put a lot of information in one page. It’s exhausting when a lot of useless information and advertisement appears and the user is just looking for one thing. The most important is to put all contacts (e-mail, telephone) very visible, and the options such as properties to sell, properties to rent and some objective and useful information about the neighborhoods where those are located.

Those tips will already help your company to grow if well applied. However, it’s also important to remember that nowadays it’s not enough just to have a good website or contact the clients directly. Not only technology related companies and startups have to follow the latest marketing trends in order to attract customers.

Other tendencies worth following

Some tendencies like virtual reality and 3D tours through the houses are a differential that can convince potential home buyers to choose your property. Not everyone can separate time to visit a lot of properties in person to choose the one, but most clients are not completely satisfied with just pictures and videos of the house, even though they are well taken and recorded.

It doesn’t have to be a big expanse for you. Some equipment like 360 degree cameras and simple headsets like Google’s cardboard, Samsung VR or the Oculus rift can allow everyone to turn any property into an interactive 3D experience.

Another tip worth mentioning is to always make your platform mobile friendly. Nowadays, people that are interested in checking properties available prefer to do so while they are on a lunch break, between meetings, or running errands.

In other words, having a mobile friendly website allows everyone to check available properties and basic information about those. If the website has a great design, important information and good properties to show but doesn’t provide a mobile friendly website to share this content it will not attract potential users that search for houses in their smartphones.

Lastly, I believe the best way to analyze if your marketing strategies are being efficient to attract more users to your real estate website every week/month, is to measure. There are a lot of software’s in the market that allows you to measure results and is worth to invest some money in one of them.

Measuring well the results will allow you to check which strategies worked and which didn’t. For example, putting extra content about the community where your property is located generated you 50% more users that clicked on those properties each week. On the other hand, investing on Facebook Ads didn’t give you a significant user growth. This is just a hypothetical example, but it already shows how measuring your strategies will help you to know what works best with your clients and users.

Don’t measure only by the number of clicks and page visits though. It’s not just about how many interested people you can successfully reach, but also how many contracts you can successfully conclude just by improving with your marketing.

Hope this hints will help your business grow! If you’re interested in reading more quality content on our blog leave us your e-mail below. While you’re waiting for more content, we also suggest a few websites that inspired this post:

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